Who is Fanny ?

During a world tour, Fanny discovered Chile and fell in love. Since 2014, she has lived with a local family who runs a farm in Lampa, near Chicureo. Far from pollution of the city, she began to cook fruits and vegetables from the garden, and her Chilean friends enjoyed the food so much, they pushed her to become a professional!

With a pastry chef grandfather, a father who is passionate about cooking, and Italian blood, becoming a Chef was a natural move for Fanny!




The farm

_DSC8135Do you know the « Little House on the Prairie »? That’s pretty much where Fanny works to cook up these 100% natural products!

The farm is located in the town of Lampa, in the agricultural heart of Santiago. The farm grows mainly alfalfa, which is sun-dried and sold to professional farmers, who use it to feed their animals. It is also sold to owners of race horses and rodeo horses! The 25 acre farm also has rabbits, pigs, lambs, sheep, and a vegetable garden that feeds the family and the farm’s employees.

Fanny’s motto in the kitchen: « To Please »atelier de cuisine pour enfants anniversaire

Always respectful of her environment, Fanny’s goal is to transform natural raw materials harvested on the farm into gourmet dishes that will thrill your tastebuds! She uses fruits and vegetables that the family does not consume to cook compotes, jams, chutneys, eggplant caviar, tomato sauces, preserves and other foods, depending on her mood, and more importantly, on the season! A friend of Fanny’s in Polynesia also sends her top quality cinnamon and vanilla, which she combines with her products to create fantastic flavors!